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NLP Master Practitioner (IANLP)

Full, internationally accredited NLP Master Practitioner qualification

Accreditation to NLP Master Practitioner status that will be recognized, in full, by any one of the major international NLP accreditation bodies (such as IANLP, IN, INLPTA, etc) requires you to complete training of a set duration and content.

The requirement is for no less than 130 hours of NLP training (which must meet a specified list of approved content) held over a minimum of 18 days, with at least 80% of this training being ‘in-person’, or physically present, attendance/participation. (Note: The physical attendance part has been temporarily relaxed in light of Covid-19).  With ConnectHQ, your NLP Master Practitioner qualification will be endorsed by the oldest original NLP accreditation body – International Association for NLP (IANLP) – and the training is delivered by an authorized Fellow Member Trainer of IANLP.

The pathway to obtaining the qualification of NLP Master Practitioner IANLP couldn’t be easier, nor more convenient for you. All you need to do is enrol in, and complete, a number of ConnectHQ’s courses.  Your starting point is the completion of all four core modules (at Master Practitioner level).  You can study these core modules in ANY order that you like. Once completed, you would complete the Keys to Coaching Mastery module. By signing up for the full NLP Master Practitioner (IANLP) programme, you gain:

  • A substantial saving on the individual module prices, and
  • A payment schedule to spread the cost of the whole NLP Practitioner programme over 15 months

If you would like to know more about the specific content of the NLP Master Practitioner qualification then please either read the details about the individual ConnectHQ courses involved, or contact us if you’d like to discuss.

Learning Objectives

  • Behavioural integration of the presuppositions of NLP
  • Behavioural competence of all Practitioner level skills, individually & integrated
  • Knowledge of skills, abilities, techniques, patterns, methods and concepts of NLP
  • Personal ability to use NLP tools and techniques competently with self and others
  • Advanced rapport abilities across group setting
  • Design individual interventions (generative and remedial)
  • Ability to shift focus from between content & form, and between experience & label
  • Ongoing development of personal sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility
  • Ecological and congruent change work with self and others


  • Full, Internationally Accredited NLP Practitioner Qualification (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning or NLP qualifications)

NLP Master Practitioner (IANLP)

$5,499 $500 early bird discount if paid in full 1 calendar month prior (payment plan also available, please make contact for details)

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