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Keys to Coaching Success

So you’re ready for your next coaching breakthrough! This is where your “coaching with NLP” adventure begins! You will be introduced to NLP and how it can amplify your coaching effect.

NLP is a set of cognitive, linguistic, and behavioural techniques, which can be used to effectively coach your client or colleague, from where they are now, to where they want to be.   As you learn the practical skills of NLP, you will gain greater awareness of conscious and unconscious patterns of thinking, communicating and behaving, and be able to use this awareness to facilitate positive change in yourself and in others.

This two-day course is the foundation requirement to all ConnectHQ’s core training modules.  If you’re curious as to how NLP can help you to achieve coaching mastery, then sign up now!

Keys to Coaching Success meets International Association for NLP (IANLP) standards and successful completion of this course counts towards the full, internationally accredited, NLP Practitioner certification with IANLP.

The content of this course will support you to achieve both your personal and professional goals, through practical coaching skills such as focused goal setting, rapport building, conflict resolution and much more!

Learning Objectives

  • Leverage the 5 NLP keys to success which are at the heart of you gaining the personal and professional life you both desire and deserve.
  • Adjust what you say and do, according to subtle nonverbal changes in others.
  • Use your body language and words to help build rapport and trust, so that you can maximize opportunities for collaboration.
  • Strengthen and deepen relationships by being present and responding more effectively to bids from your conversation partner.
  • Help colleagues and clients articulate their goals and outcomes clearly, using multiple sensory modalities.
  • Develop your skills of self-regulation; gaining the flexibility to remain resourceful throughout the coaching conversation.


None, just curiosity!  If you believe you have already undertaken NLP studies which cover the above learning objectives, please contact us to discuss whether you meet criteria for recognition of prior learning.

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Keys to Coaching Success

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