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Sensational Selfing

You are far more influential than you’d ever realize. By seeking and living to your highest expression, the more connected and fulfilled your life is going to become!

This training both advances and deepens your knowledge and skills in relation to ‘coaching with NLP’, this time in the context of self-mastery. Regardless of your current awareness of the ‘coaching’ modality, prepare to gain greater curiosity and clarity about how you can harness NLP’s power to propel you forward to greater self-mastery, both personally and professionally.

This forward focussed module equips you with a structured understanding of yourself. It’s like establishing your own personal user manual and then tapping into the resources and capabilities you have available to help you accelerate toward attaining the highest version of yourself. By bringing into your conscious focus how you see yourself, what you believe and value, how you make choices and how you manage experiences, you will create your own personal roadmap for your future. Prepare to experience your understanding of familiar topics, like ‘mission’, ‘values’, ‘strategies’ and ‘meaning’, evolve rapidly.

The eight days of training available in this core module are usefully structured into two four day courses – one at Practitioner level and one at Mastery level.  ‘Sensational Selfing, Practitioner’ and ‘Sensational Selfing, Master Practitioner’ both meet International Association for NLP (IANLP) standards, and successful completion of the courses count respectively towards the full, internationally accredited, ‘NLP Practitioner’ and ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ IANLP certifications.

These courses are designed to teach you the key elements of ‘self mastery’ that will significantly amplify your coaching effect, through the enhancement of practical skills such as:

  • Connecting with what success and fulfillment truly means for you, and your clients
  • establishing new strategies that are supportive of the life you desire and deserve
  • coding experiences to enhance your resourcefulness and curiosity
  • exploring your values and beliefs to establish their connectedness with your success and fulfillment
  • establishing your sense of identity and the unique gifts you bring to the world and those you share it with, and
  • utilizing an understanding of how future experiences can be planned to make lasting changes through curiosity and learning to help create a successful and fulfilling future.

Learning Objectives (Practitioner Module)

  • Understand how the strategies we use can be changed to help us achieve what we desire
  • Explore how compounding the changes to our strategies can give us the life we possibly only ever dreamed of
  • Learn about how our values and beliefs can be better aligned to support us in our endeavors
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of your own identity and what your unique contribution to the world can be
  • Consider how others are already having the life you aspire to and how you can learn from them to accelerate your own progress towards the life you want
  • Gain practical self-mastery skills incorporating all of the above

Prerequisites (Practitioner Module)

ConnectHQ’s ‘Keys to Coaching Success’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning, or relevant qualifications)

Sensational Selfing (Practitioner Module)

$1,399 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

Learning Objectives (Master Practitioner Module)

  • Learn how to establish and set yourself on the path to your own life mission
  • Evaluate aligning values and beliefs in a manner that best supports your goals
  • Accelerate change through the language you use and the metaphors you live by
  • Consider how you view others in your life and the part they play in your success
  • Hear how you can bring all parts of your being together in greater alignment
  • Acquire advanced skills in evaluating experiences and ensuring your remain unstuck
  • Appreciate how fast you can get what you want by being the best version of yourself
  • Gain advanced practical self-mastery skills incorporating the above

Prerequisites (Master Practitioner Module)

NLP Practitioner Certification or ConnectHQ’s ‘Sensational Selfing, Practitioner’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning or qualifications)

Sensational Selfing (Master Practitioner Module)

$1,599 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

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