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Resolute Resolving

Whilst a desire for certainty and safety is natural, past experiences can sometimes lead to thoughts and beliefs which get in the way of us reaching our dreams.

This training both advances and deepens your knowledge and skills in relation to ‘coaching with NLP’, this time in the context of you resolving emotions, limiting beliefs and thinking patterns that may be holding you back.  Regardless of your current awareness of the ‘coaching’ modality, prepare to gain greater curiosity and clarity about how you can harness NLP’s power to propel you forward personally and professionally to the life you desire and deserve.

No matter how hard we try to set goals and make forward progress, we can often find that the changes we make are short-lived – what we call self-sabotage.  To get our personal and professional goals to ‘stick’, we must become aware of our unconscious patterns of thinking and behaving, and decide whether they are still serving us.  Prepare to experience your understanding of familiar topics, like ‘limiting beliefs’, ‘triggered’, ‘anchored’ and ‘self talk’, evolve rapidly.

The eight days of training available in this core module are usefully structured into two four day courses – one at Practitioner level and one at Mastery level. ‘Resolute Resolving, Practitioner’ and ‘Resolute Resolving, Master Practitioner’ both meet International Association for NLP (IANLP) standards, and successful completion of the courses count respectively towards the full, internationally accredited, ‘NLP Practitioner’ and ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ IANLP certifications.

These courses are designed to teach you the key elements of ‘resolution’ that will significantly amplify your coaching effect, through the enhancement of practical skills such as:

  • using language patterns to surface the unconscious limiting beliefs held by yourself and others
  • encouraging coachees to become aware of the strategies they continue to use that no longer serve them, and
  • utilizing an understanding of how experiences are stored over time, make lasting changes based on what needs to be learnt from the past to help create a successful and fulfilling future.

Learning Objectives (Practitioner Module)

  • Understand how we hypnotize ourselves with the patterns of our own thinking
  • Explore how much of our behavior is anchored within us, without us even noticing
  • Learn about how memories are stored and the effect this can have on us
  • Acquire skills that help us to access the learnings from past events and avoid the associated negativity
  • Reveal how limiting beliefs and decisions exist in the unconscious and hold you back
  • Consider how your limiting beliefs and decisions are impacting upon your health, wealth, happiness and sense of freedom
  • Hear about how to make more balanced decisions and gain more empowering beliefs to support your future plans
  • Gain practical resolution skills incorporating all of the above

Prerequisites (Practitioner Module)

ConnectHQ’s ‘Keys to Coaching Success’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning, or relevant qualifications)

Resolute Resolving (Practitioner Module)

$1,399 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

Learning Objectives (Master Practitioner Module)

  • Learn how to listen to yourself
  • Learn to reframe experiences to develop more empowering beliefs
  • Hear how to change your internal voice to support your goals and strategies
  • Accelerate making the changes you want through improved self talk
  • Acquire advanced skills to managing limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Appreciate how you can get what you want by getting yourself out of the way
  • Gain advanced practical resolution skills incorporating the above

Prerequisites (Master Practitioner Module)

NLP Practitioner Certification or ConnectHQ’s ‘Resolute Resolving, Practitioner’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning or qualifications)

Resolute Resolving (Master Practitioner Module)

$1,599 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

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