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Courageous Communicating

The quality of your communication determines the quality of your life! How you communicate sits at the heart of your relationships and this is just as true for your relationship with yourself.

This training both advances and deepens your knowledge and skills in relation to ‘coaching with NLP’, this time in the context of your communication skills. Regardless of your current awareness of the ‘coaching’ modality, prepare to gain greater curiosity and clarity about how you can harness NLP’s power to improve your communicating exponentially!

Communicating sits as the bedrock of NLP development. Whilst interacting with others, we take in and process far more sensory specific information than we could ever consciously be aware of. At the simplest level, we know that our communicating is far more than just the words we use, we might be aware of ‘tonality’ and what we call ‘body language’. But our communicating reveals far more than this, providing a window to our internal representation of how we interpret the world. Prepare to experience your understanding of familiar topics, like ‘state’, ‘rapport’, ‘listening’, ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘influencing’, evolve rapidly.

The eight days of training available in this core module are usefully structured into two four day courses – one at Practitioner level and one at Mastery level.  ‘Courageous Communicating, Practitioner’ and ‘Courageous Communicating, Master Practitioner’ both meet International Association for NLP (IANLP) standards, and successful completion of the courses count respectively towards the full, internationally accredited, ‘NLP Practitioner’ and ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ IANLP certifications.

These courses are designed to teach you the key elements of ‘communication’ that will significantly amplify your coaching effect.  The content will support you to achieve both your personal and professional goals through the enhancement of practical communication skills, such as:

  • using language patterns to ask ‘high gain’ questions
  • encouraging coachees to explore the metaphors of their language, and
  • Identifying and utilizing ‘personality types’ to deepen your coaching connection.

Learning Objectives (Practitioner Module)

  • Explore what makes rapport building activities successful
  • Appreciate the use of sensory accessing cues to understand people’s strategies
  • Advance rapport and trust building skills through the use of representational systems
  • Learn how to use language to detect what assumptions people are working to
  • Hear about language patterns that help unpack people’s ‘map’ of the world
  • Engage with language patterns that accelerate personal change
  • Enhance the quality of the questions you ask to promote rapport and change
  • Gain practical communication skills incorporating all of the above

Prerequisites (Practitioner Module)

ConnectHQ’s ‘Keys to Coaching Success’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning or qualifications)

Courageous Communicating (Practitioner Module)

$1,399 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

Learning Objectives (Master Practitioner Module)

  • Utilize modeling to accelerate personal change and enhance learning
  • Learn about effective listening techniques to enhance relationships
  • Acquire advanced conflict resolution skills through the problem ownership model
  • Appreciate how you can get your needs met through well formed I-messages
  • Engage in conflict resolution activities confidently and competently
  • Understand the difference between conflicts of needs versus conflicts of values
  • Hear about different ways to influence others effectively
  • Gain advanced practical communication skills incorporating the above

Prerequisites (Master Practitioner Module)

NLP Practitioner Certification or ConnectHQ’s ‘Courageous Communicating, Practitioner’ or equivalent (please make contact to discuss recognition of prior learning or qualifications)

Courageous Communicating (Master Practitioner Module)

$1,599 $100 early bird discount if paid in full 1 month prior, payment plan also available

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